fourware Connecting guam and japan together


Connecting guam and japan together
FOURWARE = For ware

Providing the tools to bridge (people to people) (Japan and the world)(companies to companies)
Keeping up with the times and new information, our goal is to target this and provide useful information to our clients.
By constantly providing fresh and new information we hope to supply you with a rich image.
We will be providing information using unlimited resources such as the web and through paper media as well.

    Printed matter such as guidebooks, leaflets, posters, etc. specializing in the tourism industry (travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, etc.)
    Shooting, production, and editing of homepages and SNS are supported not only in Japanese but also in multiple languages such as English, Korean, and Chinese.

  • Business support in Japan

    We will support business development to destinations that are popular with Japanese tourists such as Guam, Hawaii, and Thailand.
    Meetings and consultations are possible in Japan. Our staff will take care of you once you have arrived to our location.


    "T Point" agency business in Guam. We provide support and sales support for new contracts and affiliated stores.


    We offer support for a wide range of sales activities such as PR and sales strategies for companies and products in Japan or overseas.
    The design of WEB media such as homepages from such sources as paper media which includes leaflets and business cards
    We will target the best approach to such items as product and campaign planning.


    A free magazine in Japanese and Korean is published four times a year in Guam.
    Detailed information on hotels, restaurants, commercial facilities, etc. is posted through this network.
    We provide more targets using a configuration that takes advantage of the characteristics of paper media.


    Production of content pertinent to outbound and Guam residents. Providing of fresh information on Guam via SNS and WEB media,
    We send out a realistic content which is provided by abundant resources.


As a bridge between Japan and Guam

By collaborating with partner companies specializing in web production, copywriting, and pamphlet production
Total branding cam become realized

  • Production of the homepage

    SEO measures
    Increase the number of organic searches by selecting keywords and creating content.
    MEO measures
    by analyzing the numbers on regional searches on Google Maps we can increase those searches from a specific region.
    EC site production
    From builfing the EC site we are able to provide operational support, which through the Website we are able to generate sales.
    online payment
    We will support the introduction of online payment services and add payment functions to existing sites.

    We not only create websites but also provide operational support.
    We also support the introduction of video conferencing and schedule reservation systems.
    As a result we are able to provide a wide range of support according to your vision and requests.

  • Marketing

    Web marketing
    We will carry out online activities to attract customers and sell more products and services.
    SNS Marketing
    Attributes such as age group, region, and interests will be segmented and delivered accordingly
    Video marketing
    Through the appealing “content” of video, we raise the interest of our products and services in our customers.
    O2O marketing
    Connect activities on the Web to potential customers and added purchasing at physical locations

    In marketing in the age of "customer diversification," we will help you "create a system for selling and selecting products and services."

  • SNS operation management, etc.

    SNS account operation
    From creating an SNS account to creating creative contents allowing the increase in followers.
    SNS advertising operation
    We analyze the market, plan and operate advertisements to acquire new customers from SNS.
    LINE service development
    We support the use of LINE official accounts and develop services to make repeating customers.
    Photographing and video production
    We take pictures for websites and produce promotional videos.
  • Sales support

    Online business support
    We support online business such as seminars and product sales on the web.
    Listing advertisement operation
    We plan marketing measures and operate advertisements to acquire new customers.
    Training for advertising and WEB
    improve introspection of WEB marketing by training advertising operations and WEB production staff.
    Telework and non-face-to-face business
    We propose a new business form for the after-corona era.
  • Printed matter design such as leaflets and guidebooks

    Guidebook and pamphlet creation
    Utilizing our abundant experience, we will produce printed matter according to your request from scratch.
    Company profile creation
    We will create tools that bring out your brand image and strengths in order to support sales.
    Leaflet creation
    With the purpose such of increasing the number of customers and PR, it is possible to create this through design
    Coordination of the complete process is possible from shooting to editing until printing.
    It supports not only Japanese and English but also multilingualization, and it is possible to produce for the purpose of global business.
  • Support for sending customers to Guam

    We will coordinate not only visitors but also training and inspection arrangements according to your needs.
    in order to obtain the latest information, regarding the local situation, and to provide better communication, local staff who is knowledgeable in these areas will attend for your needs

  • Market research

  • Understanding the current situation

  • Concept development

  • PR planning

  • media publication

  • Business plan

  • Content development

  • Event planning and management

  • product development

  • Service development (leasing)

  • Package development

  • WEB / SNS marketing

  • Sales marketing

  • Operational management

  • Regional PV video production

  • Original media production


Supporting new businesses in various industries with Guam as the main focus

  • ホテルのホームページ制作


  • OCEAN Guam


    OCEAN Guam
  • 各オプショナルツアー会社


  • ガイドブック制作

    ホテル、レストラン、オプショナルツアー会社との契約、 写真撮影、文書作成等のやり取りを含めた、デザイン、編集、印刷、輸送すべてを行います



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